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Most caption companies have tiered pricing. We keep it simple with flat rates. We do not charge for:
  • Multiple speakers
  • Faster delivery time
  • Accents
  • Poor audio/video quality
  • Technical subject matter
For example, 30 minutes of video is $30. Plain and simple.
24 hr
Orders will be delivered within 24 hours for recordings no greater than 30 minutes in length or complex in nature.
We guarantee accuracy for video files that are clearly audible and work closely with our customers to correct any discrepancies.
Upload Video
Upload files, paste URLs, or pull from YouTube or Vimeo.
Secure and confidential.
How do you ensure security and confidentiality?
  • TLS 1.2 encryption on all files
  • No payment information stored
  • Captioners sign strict confidentiality agreements
  • Your files are kept private and deleted upon request
Rev Team Goes to Work
Our team, not software, captions your video 24/7 with 99%+ accuracy, 100% guaranteed.
We guarantee at least 99% accuracy for files that are clearly audible. We work closely with our clients to correct any discrepancies.
Receive Captions
We email you the file, which you can easily edit with our tools. Files under 30 mins are delivered in 24 hrs or less.
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A caption file includes the text of what was said in the video and time codes for when captions should display. We email you the caption file in your requested format. Examples of what you can expect:

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From Our Customers

Christian Taylor 21 February 2018
Gotta say I'm very impressed with @Rev. If you are looking for an affordable and accurate captioning service, go to them! Speaking of which, I am offering closed captions on all of my videos going forward. I hope it will help more people enjoy my content.
Deborah Edwards-Onoro 20 June 2017
@samikeijonen @swissspidy @WordCampLondon @mattradford @rev Yes, they are fast! I have a blog post coming out tomorrow about videos and using @rev to add captions.
Jen Simmons 6 March 2017
@jensimmons I’ve been using This time the quality of captions was really great. I always edit them a bit, anyway.
Stuart Ryan 22 January 2018
Shoutout to @Rev for on-demand, fast, affordable and highly accurate Closed Captioning Services. I needed six minutes, only cost me $6US. Too easy, thanks team!
Jackie Kludt 29 July 2017
So impressed with @rev -- quick and accurate. How do they do it?
Quinton Oliver Smith 17 April 2017
If @rev ever needs a raving testimonial, let me know. Captioning is a nightmare and it took 17min and $3 for them to do it. Incredible.
Melinda Samson 29 April 2017
Great tip: Use to easily add captions to yr videos, which is really important if you're sharing them on FB #CopyCon
Michael Tsiang 6 April 2017
@MissTayLeigh Can you use a transcription service like It's what I usually use for captioning YouTube videos.
Kate Hackett 14 April 2017
@shermandorn @magpie We're going with the lowest price I could find --
Seana Meek 21 September 2017
I'm happy to report that film captions for $1 a minute is NOT too good to be true. @rev's work was fast, cheap, and high quality. Thank you!
Dr. Edge 26 May 2017
@rev Your service really is the best. Love it 100%
Mike McGrail 20 September 2017
Blown away by @rev returning a word-perfect video caption file in 12 minutes and for only $2!
Vincent Orleck 9 May 2017
@AdrianChen BIG fan of @rev tbh...huge tool for captioning vids and repurposing video to blog posts that I recommend for clients and small business.
Stephan Hovnanian 4 July 2017
@CBarrows @WhyISocial @ItsJeffHiggins PS - thx to ridiculously fast transcription from @rev I've published some highlights w/link to the podcast…
J Productions 9 March 2018
7 minute turnaround time from A new speed record! new videos coming your way #braceyourselves
Allen White 21 July 2017
I couldn't be more impressed with @rev They fully captioned two projects for me in record time for $1 per minute. Amazing!
How A Car Works 4 July 2017
@rev I'm seriously impressed with your caption services. Two hours of technical automotive videos, done perfectly.
Ryan Sullivan 30 July 2017
Also every video I make for the rest of time will have captions because @rev makes it so easy.
Wes Linda 30 March 2017
@Krogsgard, quick turnaround and quite affordable. Use them for CC of videos

Caption Pricing

3Play Media Cielo24 TranscribeMe
Price per minute $1.00 $3.00 $2.50 $2.00
EXTRA ($/min)
24-hour delivery Free $1.50 $1.00 $2.00
Difficult Audio Free $1.00 $0.00 $0.25
TOTAL ($/min) $1.00 $5.50 $3.50 $4.25

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Edit Your Captions

Rev’s Free Caption Editor lets you edit your caption file online in minutes. Try it out.

Customize Your Captions
Choose from 12 file formats, offset your captions, and more.
Make Easy Edits
Fix typos, adjust timing, change names, and clean up small issues.
Share With Teammates
Allow others to view, edit, and download files without a Rev account.

Khan Academy uses Rev to caption all of our English video content.

Rev is a great service! They have a friendly staff and a price that can't be beat!

We’ve been amazed with the quality of Rev's captions. Fast and easy.

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